Canon logo


The company had always wanted a global perspective, and the logos reflected the same as early as 1934. A designer specializing in advertising created the original Canon logo, which included typeface never seen before in Europe or North America. The “C” was unique in that its top end curved inward, ending in a sharp point. The first camera launched by the company in 1934, was named as Kwanon, after the Buddhist goddess of mercy. The logo included the wordings and a picture of the goddess with 1000 arms and flames.

Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory underwent several name changes before the adoption of Canon Camera Co., Inc., in 1947. This change was significant in that Canon brand and company names were unified for the first time in its history. The logo had only been trademarked in 1935, and after that a lot of designing work went into making the logo more balanced. After 1956, the logo hasn’t been changed, but the designing effort is clearly visible in their simple but classic logo.