I might be posting this late but I hope you guys get to pay attention to it.
I don’t know if i am also speaking for some of you people here as well, but through my study as a Graphic designer I have come to a point where there are some things bothering me in graphic design, and respectively totally against my morals… I will be discussing one of them with you guys and I hope you share your problems, here.
1. Photo editing to a level where you recreate a whole new element… That is, lets say you take the picture of a model and you sepend a lot of time cleaning the face and coming to a level where the model looks like a doll! Its like you are deceiving your whole crowd of people to some perfect image which doesnt exist in the first place…
The other day I needed a passport picture so I went to this photographer, he took my picture then sat behind his computer and started clicking on his mouse for some time and some keys on the keyboard… I decided to take a peek of what he was doing and DAMN I saw myself with full make up and my wrinkles, which make me who I am, were banished! I looked like a barbie doll… Come on! Really!…. I might be the only person having problems with photo editing to this extent, but Im trying to be hopeful to find another person who thinks the same as well.