This is a Must Read Article for Those Graphic Designers Needed Inspiration and Trying to Avoid Designer’s Block)

1. Your eyes need food to send to your brain, so feed them with images.

– Design blogs; graphic design, logo design, interior design, general art blogs (Top Graphic Design Blogs and Web Design Blogs)

– Go shopping, retail land is a riot of creativity. Take your camera.

– Photo/image stock libraries (Stock Illustration Sites, Rights-Protected Stock Photography Sites, Royalty-Free Stock Photography Sites)

– Illustrators agent’s websites

– Put search terms into Google images

2. Play music

Play it loud, play it soft, vary the styles….dance, rnb, rocknroll, easy listening, swing, classical, rock, indie ….you get the drift.

3. Hit the streets and photograph interesting architecture; there are many shapes and patterns to be found in architecture.

Even better visit a National Trust property and get snapping away at the wallpaper, tapestries, paintings, and carvings to be found within. I did that recently but lost the blinkin image files! Grrr… Likewise you can visit your local museum.

4. Look to the past:

– Visit retro shopping websites.

– Google for retro advertisement images (check out all of these retro / vintage ads Groups in Flickr)

– Ask your Gran if you can riffle through her old jewellery/clothes of yesteryear

– Check out these Retro / Vintage Design Tutorials

4. Review Other Designers:

Have a look at what other designers are doing, good links to visit for this include;

List of Top Essential Graphic Design Books

List of Top Essential Graphic Design Magazines

Design Inspiration Gallery

180+ Sites for Graphic Design Inspiration

24 Great Design Portfolios

What to do with it all?:

Finally all that you collect from your various inspirational sources – shove them all together on your creative project Mood Board. What is a Mood Board? A mood board is a useful tool used by designers to help them get a better idea of what their customers are looking for. Mood boards are sort of like collages of items such as layouts, sketches, clippings, and color samples. A mood board can be actual or virtual. A mood board is used by many different types of graphic designers and web designers. Flickr has a great collection of Designer Mood Boards so check them out.

Good luck!