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My view about designing visuals (after observing the points of views of the design students in my department).

sorry but what i have to say is not good news.

Graphic design is not art !

Though it’s not completely away from art. As a designer, my observations led me to conclude that graphic design is the commercial side of art; we always have to think objectively¬† to make visual impact which art does, by simply without creating a piece of art ( but rather a design).

Basically i think¬† a designer’s job is to :

  • interpret the emotional artistic feeling of an art piece objectively, by applying the following:
  • grid lines
  • center of attention
  • color and entities balance
  • crops of elements that creates the expression

Therefore, we, as designers, are meant to deviate our brains from emotions to objectivity, to achieve the essence of art in a “straight to the point” simplified element, that delivers the message that contains the closest effectiveness of an art piece.


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